Important information about Experience, Qualifications and Accreditation:

  • Brendon draws on 25 years experience working in youth work, pastoral care, education, advocacy and fundraising roles across non-profit sector
  • Brendon has a Master of Clinical Counselling with ACU (Australian Catholic University),
  • Level 2 accreditation with ACA (Australian Counselling Association, member #3080) and
  • Public liability insurance.
  • Brendon is registered with NDIS to deliver Therapeutic Services. Provider No: 4050030841

Personal life experience has taught Brendon the importance of self-care, resilience & mindfulness. He is passionate about ongoing development, learning, and best practices. Commencing a Masters in Clinical Counselling in 2014, Brendon is committed to empowering others in mental health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices to navigate their own life challenges. As an educator, basketball coach, trainer & facilitator Brendon love’s influencing and empowering individuals & teams.

Coaching and empowering others to advocate making a difference has been a life passion.

People regularly tell Brendon he has a warm, genuine and engaging nature, one that is non-judgemental and puts them at ease. There are many that after talking with Brendon describe something like these comments here: “I can’t believe I told you that”, or “I haven’t told anyone that”.   Why? I care. 

By personality, Brendon is an introvert (INTJ), yet has extensive public speaking experience. Over the past decade Brendon has spoken to over 150,000 people across primary & secondary schools, churches and community groups covering topics including meaning, identity, persecution, slavery, sex trade industry, poverty and injustice. Brendon is equally at ease in front of preps as he is Yr 12s, whether 5 people or speaking as a keynote to 1000. One community leader said this following a presentation on injustice in the fashion industry: “You have the capacity of taking the complex and making it understandable for the everyday person.”

Brendon has extensive experience as a trainer, delivering training to 1000’s and significant facilitation experience, including 4 yrs of a Parenting After Separation course. Brendon is well versed in the changes, challenges, losses and gains that can be experienced by those going through personal, professional and parental changes. Brendon has qualifications in Ministry, Training, Massage and a Master of Clinical Counselling.

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