Community Counselling

Community Counselling Fund:

A chance for local individuals and business owner/operators to give back to those within their local community by contributing to a Community Counselling Fund enabling others to access Anchored Counselling, for free or substantially reduced sessions, where they otherwise wouldn’t due to lack of finances.

Tax Deductibility: Unfortunately Anchored for Life is unable to provide tax deductions on contributions.

As you consider giving towards the Community Counselling Fund, whether as a random act of kindness, or as part of your CSR (corporate social responsibility) bottomline, I invite you to reflect on times that you’ve benefited from the generosity of others. I urge you to consider the value and benefit of giving without gain and thank you personally for considering the Community Counselling Fund concept.

Enquiries: I would be only too happy to come and meet to discuss this further, answer questions, address concerns, and explore how you can contribute to the Community Counselling Fund. Warm regards, Brendon

Downloadable PDF: Anchored Counselling Community Counselling Fund

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Anchored for Life proudly supports our Paramedic, Ambulance and Policing first responders.



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Australian Paramedic is a journal delivered to all ambulance stations, Royal Flying Doctor Service and Care Flight offices, and selected universities across Australia. Our mission is to support and improve patient care through the sharing of knowledge and information from across Australia, and at the same time aid paramedics through delivering current information from recognised leaders in emergency care. The aim of Australian Paramedic is to share knowledge and commentary from experts in the field. We hope to become the leading voice for paramedics to share news, knowledge and information. Thank you for your help in enabling this life saving information to be delivered to the paramedic community.

The mission of the ANZSEBP is to develop, disseminate and advocate for police to use scientific research (“the evidence”) to guide best practice in all aspects of policing. The SEBP is made up of police officers, police staff, and research professionals who aim to make evidence-based police practice part of everyday policing. We believe that all aspects of policing including police patrols, investigations, crime prevention, human resource management, and all other forms of service delivery should be evaluated using sound, scientific methods and used when the evaluation evidence shows that the police practice works to control or prevent crime and disorder or enhance quality of life. Your support will help deliver this vital information to the policing profession.

Membership comprised from: State Police, Federal Police, Aust Institute of Police Management (AIPM) & Universities