Anchored for Life

Walking with you to get the most out of life and become a better you.

Providing a range of services to see you earthed during times of distress, conflict, difficulty and change in order that life’s circumstances provide opportunity for growth and strengthen skills and character, Anchored for Life can empower you through coaching, consulting and counselling services.

Anchored Coaching

Anchored for Life provides a whole-of-life, goal-oriented, and outcome driven personal and/or professional development approach to the life coaching relationship.

Anchored Consulting

Communicating with clarity, compassion, confidence, and competence is critical for any public communicator. As a communication specialist, Anchored for Life has extensive experience to work alongside you to become a better communicator, capable of assisting you in your public presentation skills, including overcoming anxiety. Find out more from what  I’ve learnt from over 10 years as a travelling speaker…Being a travelling speaker…

anchored Counselling

Going deeper and addressing sometimes confusing life events and their influence on us as individuals and families sometimes requires outside intervention and therapeutic support to sharpen our understanding, growth and equip us to tackle life’s adversities. Anchored for Life offers professional, competent counselling services, specialising in pre-separation issues, parenting after separation, grief, loss, preparing for and coping with change & transition, anxiety and depression.

Anchored Conversations

Anchored Conversations: Living life amidst the storms of life; offers a unique perspective on life’s challenges by not shying away from them. Check out Anchored for Life‘s blog: Anchored Conversations  or join the growing Facebook community.

Go to our Bookings page to book a Counselling or Coaching appointment. Online, Skype & other options are available though in-person is preferred for the first few appointments to establish connection, clarity and clear expectations.

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